A note before I start with technical content

Sunday, August 22, 2010 | En Español

Concerning references

I made a practice of document every new thing that I learn or do for future personal reference. I write what I understand in a way that will be useful to me for later use, and this have been going on for many, many years. This is what I love to do, learn, try, experiment. I have spent so much of my time and resources on this and I barely have anything to show for this. What I have is a lot of .doc, .odt and .txt files lying around in a folder.

Back when I started documenting what I do, it was because I realized that many of the solutions and workarounds that I found for some problems, some of which were very time consuming, were forgotten and I had to investigate them all over again. The vast majority of this information was taken from manuals and documentation itself, through plenty of experimentation and testing, through reading books, boards, mailing lists, and an article here and there. When I started to write all of this, I did not write where did the information come from. Of course I do it nowadays.

The point is, I can not always give you a reference of where did the information come from, or where can you find more about it, I will do it whenever I have the references of what I write, but I still think that all of this information can be useful to others, so I will go ahead and publish what I have.

Concerning the grammar, misspellings, and things that just doesn't make sense.

Evidently English is not my primary language. You must be thinking by now, "Ah, the classic excuse for a web site poorly written", and you would be right, but believe me, I am working hard in perfecting my English. And this is because I want to share what I know, however little, with as much people as I can.

I really do appreciate corrections, I know there are people who gets defensive or mad because somebody corrects them, but I don't. If nobody points out our mistakes, how do we know that we made one?

Concerning, anything else

I will, with time, develop an easier way to leave a comment in the web site, I will create a nice layout which is better suited for posting code, most likely I will eventually use HTML 5, and I will publish much more detailed and intricate guides (those need some work and I am not going to publish something that I can't reproduce, and some information may still be current but some parts are outdated), scripts, and other works, those are the plans, but, for now, I am glad that I finally have something published in what it used to be an empty space.

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