There is the usual way, an e-mail to contact at jveweb dot net (I will post my PGP key in the near future, just in case).

I am also trying Google+ nowadays, Here is my Profile.

And of course, here is a contact form. It allows a maximum of 10000 characters. If your message involves more than that you can send me an e-mail.

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About Juan Valencia Escalante

A programmer mostly interested in free software, free culture, privacy and ending the hunger in the world.

My areas of expertise are:

PHP, HTML (XHTML, HTML 5), CSS, Javascript, C/C++, Python, MySQL, PostgreeSQL, Command line scripting, ViM scripting, Linux administration, free software licences.

My areas of interest include (I am not as experienced, yet):

Java, LaTeX, Lisp, The Gimp, Inkscape, physics, drawing, macrophotography, guitar.

Skills that are either obsolete or that I lost interest in, but that I could still perform:

Visual Basic, ActionScript

Some other facts about me:

  • I am a Dvorak user (a keyboard layout alternative to qwerty).
  • I am a ViM user
  • I use KDE and Fluxbox
  • I have either Slackware or Kubuntu on my computers.
  • I install Linux for free to anyone whom may want to try it (although I accept donations and this is conditioned to me having free time).
  • I have compiled kernels, set up systems with full disk encryption (netbooks, with slackware), configure a laptop as a multiseat system, made SlackBuilds, backup full HDDs over network cables, remotely set up a virtual hosting, installed systems using NFS as source, and made circuitry and software to control physical things with the computer, of course I have programmed systems, and many other things.

My multi-seat setup, don't try this with recent versions of Ubuntu, evidently it is possible, but due to some changes that they have been implementing it is more complicated.
Two images joined showing a multi-seat setup, the left side shows the front and the right side shows the back.

This is not the definitive layout that I want for my website, but at the time of start it was either make my own layout or start publishing content, and time is in short supply. (I was using a different publishing system as well, but that was sorted out).