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Updated posts

While right now this looks like a regular blog, the idea of this website is to have a series of articles about different subjects, and yes, maybe a little blog updated occasionally, but mostly articles, and some of them can definitely be expanded.

I have been working in my own system to stop depending on Thingamablog and have a lot more flexibility, but I am afraid that I have neglected a little the creation of content, and now I have a half-written system for the website and several half-written articles >.<, regular work so I can eat also gets in the way of course, so, I will be completing and posting some of the things I have been working on, before another, hopefully brief, hiatus to complete my own system after I am done with the posts.

For now, I updated some of the previous articles that were posted here:

Other articles have minor corrections or fixes in the presentation of the code, but they are not worthy enough to be list them here, and, well, there will be some new posts to come as well.